Visitor Comments

From the Comments and Suggestions book left by visitors to the exhibition at the Community Centre in 2010

 In chronological order.

"Really sensitive and thought provoking exhibition – you really get a sense of the history of the place and the people that live here."

"This is very interesting. I really love this exhibition. This brings back a lot of memories from past pictures. Well done, local Resident & Volunteer within Broadwater Farm Community."
"Really great to see all this local history brought together through archive material for us all to see and learn from. Would be great to see it toured to local libraries too. Thank you"
"It is a great exhibition which shows the greatness of our residents. We need to build on that and continue to make this a wonderful community we had so many people who did great things. Congratulations Sister Eileen McGrath"
"Very interesting exhibition about local history."
"Excellent – History recalled. There will never be one so great as Bernie Grant"
"Fantastic, well done I have learnt so much and it will really help me with my community youth work here."
"An incredible insight into the Broadwater Farm story – you see and read it first and you start to understand. Thank you."
"A very interesting look into the history of the farm. It was an eye opener, and brought back many memories."
"Fantastic exhibition. Very informative and interesting. Needs to be kept here and developed. Looking forward to coming back to see how things develop."
"Wonderful archive and local history, so the people who are coming can see what the community has passed through and the commitment it took of individuals to move things forward. Well done!"
"A really excellent exhibition, I learnt a lot about Broadwater Farm and its history. I live near by, I visit the estate, Lordship Rec and Bruce Castle Museum regularly but never knew about this part of our local history. This should be a permanent feature not a temporary exhibition. People, locals and otherwise, should have access to it." Becky local Tottenham resident.

"An inspirational collection of words and images of some very inspirational people. This needs to be available to the wider public young and old." Patrick local resident

"Having lived around here all my life I was fascinated by the way this exhibition recorded and recognised a really important time in local history." 

via mail:

"I thought the story boards were very well designed and laid out and certainly deserve wide circulation.
I can appreciate how difficult it must have been to select the narrative and nuances of the Broadwater story but I genuinely think you have developed a very coherant and cogent perspective. Well done and
thank you for inviting me." Chief Officer of Community Affairs during the days of the Youth Association 

Community Centre customer satisfaction survey 
“Was very good, glad that this part of Tottenham History was saved and has been captured- Glad I came!”
“Very interesting exhibition.”