Boiling Point

Bernette Hall with his painting Boiling Point from November 1985. 

Bernette's standing in front of the old Youth Association building featured in the painting.  Located on Tangmere deck, it once formed the heart of the community. Beneath the word 'UNITY' you can see Cherry Groce, on the left, who was shot and paralyzed during a police raid on her home in Brixton on the 28th September 1985 shortly before Cynthia Jarrett, on the right, tragically died of heart failure during a raid on her home in Tottenham on the 5th of October 1985.  

Prints of Boiling Point were used to raise funds for the Broadwater Farm Defense Campaign which helped to successfully free the 'Tottenham Three'. 

Boiling Point by Bernette Hall 1985. (Photograph James Burns 2010)

Although there was an Independent Inquiry into the troubles chaired by Lord Gifford QC, there is still widespread feeling that there should have been a full Judicial Inquiry.

  The Garden of Remembrance

The opening of the Garden of Remembrance for all those who suffered on the 5th and 6th of October 1985. Dolly Kiffin stands on the left with Bernie Grant far right. 

The Garden was designed and built by the young people of Broadwater Farm and opened in a ceremony beneath Tangmere deck on July 3rd 1988. It took great courage and commitment from all sections of the community both on and off the estate to move forward and rebuild in the aftermath of the troubles. Their heroism is often forgotten.

Visitors to the Garden. Broadwater Farm continues to attract visitors from around the world as a source of learning.