Bernie Grant MP (1944-2000) by Everal Hall aka Eckee Chef 2008. 

Chef said, "Bernie was something really special in the politics of the time. He really came up through the local community and people felt that through him they actually had a real voice in parliament. He didn't just stand for one section of the community, he stood up for anyone and everyone who needed help in his constituency, whether they came to his office or called at three in the morning."

Eckee Chef is a local artist who was a youth worker at Lumumba Theatre, by Tottenham Green in the early 1980s, before it was closed down. Bernie Grant was elected MP for Tottenham in 1987 and kept his seat until 2000.  From 1981 onwards he leant major support to the Broadwater Farm Youth Association in its struggle for better amenities. He also vigorously campaigned for the fair treatment of residents and locals following the disturbances of 1985.

Anthony Steele, artist, musician, ping pong champ and kung fu master. Steely painted the massive 'peace mural' of Bob Marley, Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon on the estate. He also designed the 'Success Through Caring' logo of the Broadwater Farm Youth Association.

Anthony Steele's cartoon in the Broadwater Farm Review from 1984

Broadwater Fashion

A view of the Farm by Inga Bystram 2008. Inga adds to her drawings of Broadwater Farm on her many walks with her husband Terry who has lived on the estate for over 25 years.

Inga Bystram 2008

Broadwater Farm by Sister Eileen. (Photograph James Burns 2010)